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Grup arenal apuesta por productos ecológicos y de proximidad

Eating a healthy diet is essential to stay healthy, feel good, and have energy.

At Grup Arenal we clearly understand this and offer our customers healthy cuisine, with organic products, locally sourced and of the highest quality.

Our belief in organic and local food has led us to collaborate with small farmers in the Payes region, in order to offer our customers the best, always.

“We are what we eat” (Ludwig F., 1850)

This phrase makes it very clear that what we eat transcends and involves different aspects of our lives:

Nutritionally: the foods we eat provide us with specific nutrients for our health.

Geographical environment: The origin of food and its temporality allow us to know its quality and also to contribute in the local economy.

Historical and cultural environment: food makes it easier for us to get to know a country. Each village has characteristic eating habits.

We believe in the environmental value and qualities of organic products.

These products contain more vitamins and minerals than conventional products. They also have more taste and smell and their appearance is more natural. In addition, pesticides and chemical fertilizers harmful to health and the environment are not used during the production of organic food.

Different organizations such as FAO and WHO also support this food production model. 

When we talk about locally sourced products, we also talk about seasonal products. We always offer our customers the products according to their seasonality. We know that’s when food is at its best! Vegetables are tastier and can contain more nutrients, and less logistics involved to bring them to the table.

For all these reasons, we believe and will continue to defend and bet on products of proximity and temporality. We think it is important to eat well while taking care of the health, cultural heritage and our local environment.