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Receta de corte de rodaballo confitado sobre crema de trompetas de la muerte con germinado de espárragos


Haven’t you been able to taste this season’s mushrooms yet? Don’t worry, you’re still on time. At Grup Arenal we continue to share delicious recipes from our chefs.

Today we share a new recipe with mushrooms as protagonists. This time the recipe is from chef Manuel Gallardo of Arenal Restaurant.

Before we continued with the recipe we wanted to share the wonderful properties of this food.

Mushroom properties

Mushrooms are not only a delicious food. Besides their flavor they have many more properties. According to the Spanish Nutrition Foundation, mushrooms have many nutritional properties beneficial to health, so they are ideal and suitable for most people. They are foods rich in water, fat-free, with high quality proteins and fiber.

Mushrooms are rich in:

  • Iron
  • Phosphorus
  • Iodine
  • Magnesium
  • Selenium
  • Football
  • Potassium
  • Zinc
  • Vitamins A and B vitamins (specifically B1, B2, B3) C and D.

Turbot served with a black trumpet mushroom cream, with asparagus

Turbot Cut:


  • 2200 g Clean turbot loin with thorns
  • 150 cl Mild olive oil
  • 2 pieces. Garlic cloves
  • 1 branch Fresh thyme

How to prepare the turbot:

  • Simmer the olive oil together with the garlic clove and thyme.
  • When reaching 110 degrees C, we will submerge the turbot and leave it at 95 degrees C for about 8 minutes for cooking in oil.
  • Next, we will take it out carefully and let it rest on an absorbent paper for a few seconds.

Black trumpet mushroom cream:


  • 60 g Fresh Black Trumpet Mushrooms
  • 1 piece. Red onion
  • 1 apc. Garlic clove
  • Half a Leek
  • 100 cl White fish broth
  • 30 grams Butter
  • 30 cl. Milk cream
  • 20 cl. White wine
  • 10 cl. Cognac

How to make the cream of Black trumpet Mushrooms:

  • Sprinkle butter, garlic, Figueres onion and leek. When bleached add the mushrooms and flambé with cognac.
  • Then add the white wine, reduce it with alcohol and then add the broth.
  • We let it cook 6 min.
  • Add the cream milk and let it boil again and then blend it in the blender

Presentation of the dish:

  • The presentation will be on a deep plate with the background of trumpet cream, an English potato and a mini carrot for decoration.
  • We will place the turbot loin with half a portion submerged in the cream and the remainder resting on the vegetables.
  • We will place on the top a small bouquet of sprouting asparagus and sprinkle a pinch of sweet paprika on the side to color the dish.